Thursday, September 12, 2013

Culture through Text.

I thought pretty hard about this project, only because "culture" is a really vague and broad subject to pick from. You've got language, religion, clothing, food, all different for every country or ethnic area, and on top of that, you have tons of sub-cultures! I chose this because I think that the four monuments I chose are easily recognisable and are the focal points of the specific country or city. I tried to make it so that the text of the country or city filled the monument- so that it was written within the boarders of the monument. I chose to use paint on canvas mostly because I wanted the look of colors popping on a clean white background


 and I'm not very good at keeping in the lines of canvas, so I wanted to work on my canvas skill. I guess that could count as a risk- the fact that I'm not that great with paint on canvass and not spreading it all over the place, which I used to do all the time. Other than that, it's a pretty small risk project. I like the way that the writing was the darker color of the background of the actual monument- and I like how clean it looks on the white. It's a nice contrast.