Art 1 Final Portfolio

I think that my favorite project would be the landscape painting, though I don't think it's my most successful. The most successful one, I think, would be my anamorphosis drawing. I really like the way I painted the landscape, and painting has always been something I enjoy and something I'm better at, and while the landscape doesn't show that, necessary, it was my favorite. I like the thickness and texture of the paint, and I also really like the colors I blended and made. For the anamorphosis, I think that it's by far my best, it looks like it should and it looks like it's 3-D, which is something I needed it to have. The values and shading on this piece looks really nice, I think.



value portrait
I think that I learned the most and grew the most with the value portraits we did at the beginning. It taught me a lot about the pencil, shading and lines, but it also was a good lesson in value. While it's not the best, it's something that I really learned a lot about art doing. There was a lot to work in that one, lines and colors and how the pencil blended but also how to shade correctly with the right values. I think it was a good first lesson, if you will, in how to correctly do a portrait with the right lighting and value and shades.

clay tile
I think the piece that I used the majority of the skills I've learned on was the clay tiles we did. I feel like the tiles used colors, how to mix them the right way and how to paint them. It also used a lot of texture, something that is a major part in the majority of art pieces I've done. It used value and shading with colors, to make the geese look not only 3-D, but look like they're not flat. I went from knowing almost nothing about the way things flow and the lines that are used, went from disliking too much texture and knowing nothing about value and shading and mixing paint, to painting a clay tile with lots of texture and colors and good

spray painting
I feel like the least important of all the projects we did this semester was the stencil. I understand why we did it, to learn about positive and negative space, but mostly all it did for me was confuse me. I think that with the amount we worked with value, adding the stencil and focusing on the space and positive/negative aspects (which we also worked with the prints on too) was overkill. Either do just the prints, as an example for positive and negative space or do just the stencil. Both focus on the same thing, both use the same concepts we need to be taught. I like printmaking better, so I'd vote that one was more important. And I think the stencil had too much going on, like we needed a collage, then watercolor, then spray paint, and then we could spray the sign/building/whatever onto it. I didn't like it much and found that it didn't help me grow as an artist.

I already talked about the landscape, but since I've talked about more pieces then we need to, I'll repeat this one. My landscape painting was of the canals in Amsterdam, somewhere that I love and really want to go to, I don't think there's many pretty places as Amsterdam is. I like the dark colors I used, I like the painting style I used, I like the way that the paint feels and I like the layers of color and the values added, even if it's mostly dark. I like the way it loos and feels, even though it's not my best or strongest. I painted something that I love and somewhere I want to go, that's why I've got a personal connection to it.


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