Thursday, January 9, 2014

p e r s p e c t i v e

1. How did you demonstrate Perspective in your work? It was a show of perspective, but not in the normal way. It was two pictures, one of fire and one of water, what I cut into strips and mounted on zig-zagged tag board. When you looked at it from the right, you'd see the fire picture. When you looked at it from the left, you'd see the water. That's the perspective I used- just looking at it from one side or any other. 

2. Why did you choose this solution over the others? I chose this because I didn't want to do a traditional "perspective" drawing. I did this once before in like, 7th grade, and I though I'd remembered the steps... So I just did it again. 
3. What techniques did you use to create this work? Colored pencil, pen and ink, and technical skills; scoring the tagboard and cutting the drawings into precise one-inch slips, and then gluing skills- mounting it to the tagboard. 
4 Did you take any risks with this project or where you trying to perfect a previously learned skill? Why did you decide to take this path? I took risks, I think. The risk was that I didn't fully remember how to do this project, and the other risk was that I kept cutting the stuff not straight so it looked sloppy. It was the second try that I got it was ready to turn it in.

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